Locating A Very Good Fresh Fish Restaurant In Civitanova Marche

The right fish restaurant means the difference between a fantastic meal and a memorable experience, or another occasion where you wish you had stuck to what you know.

The Right Location For a Good Fish Restaurant

Fortunately, Civitanova Marche has some great fish restaurants. The town is located right next to the Adriatic sea and has an active fishing port. That’s a great starting point as you have views, fresh fish, and plenty of knowledge regarding which fish is best and how to present it.

Of course, the town dates back to Roman times, which means there are plenty of old recipes that have been tweaked and are worth exploring.

Ristorante di pesce per cerimonie e banchetti Civitanova Marche



Considerations When Choosing A Very Good Fresh Fish Restaurant In Civitanova Marche

The key to locating a very good fish restaurant in Civitanova Marche is to spend a little time doing some research first. It is worth it.

  • Reputation

Speak to locals regarding where they eat and chat with other tourists to see what they recommend. This will help you identify the restaurants, such as Vitanova Ristorante which offer high-quality fish dishes.

You can even check out social media comments to back up your findings. It won’t just confirm the quality of the restaurant, you can even get help deciding which item to choose from the menu.

  • Freshness of Fish

The next step is to check how fresh the fish is. In Civitanova Marche it should always be fish caught that day. It is, after all, an active fishing port.

  • Premises

Take the time to check out the premises. You’ll want to see comfortable yet private eating areas and, ideally, some great views while you enjoy your meal.

It doesn’t hurt if they have a separate bar area that will allow you to make an evening of it.

  • Staff

Finally, remember to chat with the staff as they will give you inspirational ideas regarding the best fish dish and even what wine or cocktail to pair with it. They are there to help.